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Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT

Somatic Psychotherapy for Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Coaching

Wellness & Mental Health Consulting

As the innovative founder of the first Wellness Coworking community of it's kind in the world, I am passionate about equipping other founders with the knowledge and tools to create spaces of belonging; designed to nurture health, well-being and deeper human connections.

I create customized solutions for work-life integration, and combine my 20 years of knowledge and application of somatic psychotherapy and interpersonal neurobiology with the elemental principles of design psychology. I am passionate about nourishing both the individual and the communities and spaces they inhabit and believe that intentional coworking environments can act as a catalyst for self-actualization.


In 2008, I joined the coworking movement with the launch of Soma Vida, Austin's first coworking space and the world's first wellness coworking model for health and wellness entrepreneurs. 


By applying somatic psychology, biophilic design, and work place wellness, to the coworking model, I bridge the gap between personal and collective spaces, and urban and nature-based environments, to provide support for clients seeking to build an intentional, healthy and holistic culture. 

Named one of Austin’s best workplaces by the RAD Office Tour 2017 , Soma Vida was highlighted for it’s wellness-forward and human centric design. And, more recently, Soma Vida was awarded "Best Wellness Program" at the 2019 Global Coworking Unconference Conference in Denver, Colorado.

I also provide somatic psychotherapy for leaders and entrepreneurs as well as wellness consulting for personal and professional spaces. 

I enjoy supporting clients with:

  • Cultivating a culture of connection, utilizing the principles of interpersonal neurobiology and interior design psychology 

  • Developing wellness centric designs that increase happiness, productivity and creativity

  • Introducing principles of somatic psychology to boost employees', members' and clients' sense of connection and well-being

  • Providing affordable solutions for brining nature elements into indoor spaces

  • Designing spaces with our nervous system in mind, addressing all five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste and sound) in the design process

Please feel free to contact me or complete the form below if you'd like to collaborate or learn more about my services

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