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Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT

Somatic Psychotherapy for Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Coaching

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Mental Health Awareness
For Founders

Together we can end the stigma surrounding entrepreneurial mental health

More than 50% of entrepreneurs struggle with a mental health condition. 

Yet, you don't have to struggle alone. Together, we can:

  • raise awareness about the prevelance of mental health for founders

  • start up and scale sustainably without sacrificing our mental health

  • inspire a future of work centered in human connection and care.


The Struggle 

If you are a founder who is struggling with their mental health, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  In fact, according to a recent research study conducted by Dr. Michael Freeman 72% of entrepreneurs suffer from one or more mental health issues and 58% of entrepreneurs report feelings related to Imposter Syndrome

We are

  • 3X more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, and fear

  • 6X more likely to suffer from ADHD

  • 3X more likely to suffer from substance abuse

  • 10X more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder

As entrepreneurs, the emotional labor, isolation, financial risk and destabilizing impact of creating a company or business can have a very real and profound effect on our overall health, well-being and mental health. Yet, rarely do we hear about this "dark side of ambition" and without this awareness, we personalize what, in fact, is a systemic problem.

The Collective Change: #Tools4Founders

In solidarity with Mental Health Awareness Month and Mental Health America and in partnership with Women Who Cowork, I launched the #Tools4Founders campaign in May 2021 to raise awareness about the prevalence of mental health concerns amongst entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to remind entrepreneurs that they are not alone and there is power in the sharing of our stories. We also want to share resources and build our #Tools4Founders toolkit.


Below, you will find a comprehensive list of resources for entrepreneurial mental health, including psychological tips and tools, community resources, digital advocacy kits, personal stories and relevant books and articles. 


Together, we can do better.


Together we can start-up and scale sustainably, without sacrificing our mental health.


Together we can end the stigma surrounding entrepreneurial mental health. 

Share The Message

Help spread the word through awareness, support and advocacy activities. Share your mental health tip/tool by writing your personal story or sharing images and graphics for #MHAM and #Tools4Founders throughout May.  

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Download and share #Tools4Founders Graphics and Messages


Download and share

National Alliance on Mental Illness Graphics and Messages


Download and share Mental Health America Graphics and Messages


A curated list of national and international events supporting founder mental health in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. 2024 events are being added soon! If you would like to recommend an event to share here, please contact us.

2023: Full Transparency: Ending Mental Health Stigma in Entrepreneurship

Take part in an eye-opening conversation that will break the silence surrounding mental health in entrepreneurship.

Join Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT in welcoming an exceptional panel of mental health experts and founders with lived experience, featuring Kari SulenesJaNae Taylor Ph.D.,LPC, and Ariana Vargas, as they address the pressing need for full transparency and mental health support in the entrepreneurial world.

2023: The Resilient Business Leader's Retreat

A gender-inclusive event for business leaders to pause, reset and restore.

Mental Health Resources

A list of national and international mental health resources - hotlines, treatment programs, podcasts, online therapy, yoga/meditation and mental health apps. View resources


Mental Health Programs for Entrepreneurs/Founders


Helping founders thrive through coaching, therapy and community.  Pilea strives to build teams around founders and leaders in service of personal wellness and professional development.

Conscious Ambition: Support Group For Entrepreneurs

Peer support group for entrepreneurs facilitated by somatic psychotherapist, Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Econa Wellness

Econa is a global center of excellence for entrepreneur mental wellness. They offer evidence-based workshops and peer support groups, co-create programs with founder communities globally, and support academic research on entrepreneur-centric mental wellness solutions. 

Founder Mental Wealth

Helping Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Women, and LGBTQIA startup founders to create generational mental wealth, so that they can make a positive impact on their lives, businesses, teams, and communities.

Founders First System

Founders First offers a self-paced training, Peak Ability, a premier mental health and performance program for entrepreneurs. Their process aims to transform entrepreneurs’ lives in just ninety days and keeps them healthy, happy and high-performing throughout their journeys. Program includes access to a health factors app and peer accountability groups.  

I've partnered with the Founders First System app to make my entire 93 activity mental wellness routine available to everyone. Use this link to follow my routine for free and turn your ability to stay mentally energized and resilient into a superpower in your life just like I do!

Coa's Emotionally Fit Founder Series

Coa is the world's first gym for mental health. Offering therapist-led emotional fitness classes and therapist matchmaking, Coa was co-founded by Alexa Meyer and Dr. Emily Anhalt with the mission to make mental health a proactive and daily practice, just like physical fitness. 

Minding My Black Business

Minding My BLACK Business®  is a movement and podcast dedicated to the mental health of Black Entrepreneurs, led by Dr. JaNaé Taylor. The goal is to engage, inform, and support other Black Entrepreneurs as they manage the business of work. Founders can also apply to join the Mindful Moguls Program, a cohort for black entrepreneurs, facilitated by Dr. Taylor. 

Founders Taboo

Founders Taboo, by SuperCharger Ventures, is dedicated to increasing the awareness, access and affordability of support for founders mental health and wellbeing in the start-up space. Their mission is to to strengthen the start-up ecosystem by empowering founders to support their mental health and become more balanced and better leaders.


Slow Down to Speed Up

The Human Upgrade Podcast


Zen Founder

Reboot Podcast

Women in The Business Arena

The Vulnerability Podcast

Between Us with John Roa

Stigma Podcast - Mental Health

NAKED Podcast from Future Farm

Minding My Black Business

The Anxious Achiever

Mental Health for Startup Founders & CEOs | Founder Playlist

#Tools4Founders Podcast Tour with Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT | Spotify Playlist

#RealTalk Podcast

Realizing Empathy



Entrepreneurship & Mental Health | TechStars 4-Part Documentary

Mental Health for Entrepreneurs with Erik Severinghaus & The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Stigma App: Stories of Hope for Founders





The 7 Mental Health Essentials (for Entrepreneurs) That You Might Have Forgotten 

Good Grief: Why doesn't anyone talk about the emotional toll closing down has on small business owners. 

Mental Health Challenges Associated with Entrepreneurship and How to Overcome Them 

Another Job For Founders: Taking Care of Their Mental Health

Proactive Mental Wellness: key to success in the midst of entrepreneurial endeavors

How Entrepreneurs Can Prioritize Themselves



Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind by Andy Dunn

A Practical Way to Get Rich...and Die Trying: A Memoir About Risking It All by John Roa

Scale Your Everest: How to Be a Resilient Entrepreneur by Erik Severinghaus

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Keeping Their S**t Together by Sherry Walling, PhD

Impact Founder: Inspirational stories of entrepreneurs who risk everything for what they believe by Kristin Darga

Wellness Orbit E-Book: The Proactive Mental Wellness Approach at Work


Articles for Coworking Founders/Operators

4 Ways a Community Space Can Support the Mental Health of Their Community

8 Tips to Help You Navigate a Suicide Crisis in Your Coworking Community

Managing Overwhelm: 26 Tips for Coworking Space Operators

Mental Health Awareness Month: Our Top 5 Wellness Focused Podcast Episodes

Create a Mentally Healthy Coworking Space

Retreats for Founders


Personal Therapeutic Retreats for Founders facilitated by Conscious Ambition

Stop feeling numb and exhausted and start feeling the excitement and vitality that sparked your entrepreneurial journey. An alternative to the 50 minute, weekly therapy or coaching hour, this customized retreat provides a 1-4 day immersive therapeutic experience for founders seeking focused mental health support to address a transition, crisis or trauma that is impeding your ability to lead/operate your business.  

Book a consultation to learn more. 


A few more great resource pages to check out:

Founder Mental Health Pledge

Advocacy for destigmatizing mental healthcare for founders and the greater startup community


Future Founders: Mental Health Tools & Resources for Entrepreneurs

Wellness Orbit: Free Stress Test

Resource List
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