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Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT

Somatic Psychotherapy for Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Coaching


Women in the Business Arena Podcast

Let's step into the business arena, together!


Being an entrepreneur breaks you open in the most amazing ways and reconnects you to your best self if you are up for the journey.

Please join my co-host, Sonya Stattmann, Success Strategist for Women in Business, and I as we dive into juicy topics relevant to women in business. We have learned through decades of being entrepreneurs how to conquer the business arena and achieve success, fulfillment and liberation. 

In our Women in the Business Arena podcast, we are keeping it real - pulling back the curtain, sharing a glimpse into the real experiences of being a woman entrepreneur, mother, change maker, and human citizen in today's world. Join the conversation!


If you enjoy the conversations, we would so appreciate you sharing them with a friend or writing a review in iTunes.


Bimonthly episodes, released on Monday

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud

A Few of My Favorite Episodes on Mental Health & Business

I also love being a guest on podcasts related to mental health, coworking, wellness and entrepreneurship so get in touch if you are looking for a unique and heartfelt perspective for your listeners. You can find my recent guest appearances here.


Highly Recommend for Women in Business

"This podcast makes me feel uncomfortably seen at times as if the hosts are speaking directly to me. (LOL) I really enjoy the segments that are split into different episodes covering a specific topic. The segments give me a chance to digest and think on then come back to and refine in the continuations. Go listen!"


Best Podcast I have Ever Listened To

"Sonya and Laura are so great in this podcast. I feel like I’m curled up on the couch with a cult of tea talking with them. I always feel like they meet me exactly where I am at with each episode. Totally down to earth, no hype, no fluffy BS - just introspective and smart conversation to make us think and continually become better versions of ourselves. Thank you Sonya and Laura!"


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