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Laura Shook Guzman, LMFT

Somatic Psychotherapy for Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Coaching

Incorporate mental health and wellness experiences into your next gathering and provide a stellar experience for your team or guests.

Laura is available to lead your next online or in-person gathering, company workshop or to speak at your upcoming
online or in-person conference. 

Inspirational Presentations on Work Life Wellness & Mental Health

Laura is a thought leader for founder mental health, coworking and self-care. She was recently sited in the Huffington Post as a pioneer of coworking in Austin - How Women Change The World: With Heart, Service and Community. Laura is on a mission, connecting with people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals  to nonprofits and women's groups, sharing a powerful message about the value of collaborative work and embodied living. As an accomplished psychotherapist, a devoted community leader and gifted speaker, Laura brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to her presentations. 

In her talks, Laura integrates her experiences, diverse education and passion for health and wellness, to connect your audience with the greater message as well as inspire them to take personal action in their work and life.

Laura enjoys designing custom presentations, including virtual workshops and retreats, however, sample topics include:

  • Psychological Safety and Leadership: 4 Ways to Inspire Mental Wellness and Well-Being

  • Be Well, Lead Well: The Unspoken Truth About Mental Health and Entrepreneurship 

  • A New Way to Work Well: Finding Your "Sweet Spot" for Productivity, Health & Happiness

  • The Mind, Body and Business Connection: What Your Body Can Tell You About Your Business

  • Om While You Work: Creating A Wellness Strategy for Your Business

  • Feminist Leadership: Creating Social Change Through Shared Power and Inclusivity

  • Self-Compassion: Cultivating Your Most Important Super Power

Workshops Specifically for Teams:

  • The New Trust Fall: Cultivating Safety, Trust & Belonging at Work

  • Wired for Success: The Power of Connected Teams

  • When the Body Says Yes: The Benefits of Somatic Intelligence for Teams


Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized presentation.​ Laura is also available to facilitate online panels, conferences, off-sites and trainings. 

Select Clients Include:

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