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Retreats for Founders

If you want to build high
you have to dig deep

Curious about what you can transform if you move beyond the weekly, 50 minute therapy or coaching session and stay immersed in your experience long enough to create lasting change?

Discover my newest offering,

On Somatic Ground Retreats,

a unique and immersive therapeutic experience for founders.

This one-on-one, customized retreat combines the art and science of neurobiology and psychological well-being, to provide the ultimate rest and recovery experience for entrepreneurs on the brink of burnout or seeking a more clear and sustainable way forward.

Stop feeling numb and exhausted and start feeling the excitement and vitality that sparked your entrepreneurial journey.

Dig Deep to Build High.png

Stepping away from our daily life and carving out a few days to engage fully with our present experience is like pressing the restart button on our nervous system.

Somatic Psychotherapy For Entrepreneurs
Mental Health Consulting 

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