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Somatic Psychotherapy & Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You need not suffer alone. And, now, more than ever, it is important to have someone to support you.


I provide a safe, confidential space to explore the vast emotions, thoughts and sensations that accompany your one wild and precious life. 

I have a particular passion for working with entrepreneurs who feel that their business is more than a is a calling.


In the pursuit of this sacred calling, you will be invited to walk, often, along the edge of raw vulnerability and possibility. For most, this edge, is very uncomfortable, It is often a space of isolation and overwhelm. Yet, if you choose to lead with your heart, your mind and body will follow. Somatic Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for deep integration... to know with your mind, sense with your body and feel with your heart... all that you are.


With gentle guidance, mindful self-inquiry, deep compassion and somatic awareness, we will go on a journey towards self-actualization and a deeper sense of your Self.

I provide sessions for individuals, co-founders, couples as well as group therapy. Currently, all of my services are virtual and we can connect using a secure, HIPPA-compliant video platform.

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