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Virtual Support Group for Entrepreneurs: #AloneTogether

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Has the joy of doing what you love been thwarted by our current collective state of uncertainty? Or maybe the global stillness has encouraged a deep reflection that has you shifting your entrepreneurial direction?

If so, you are not alone.

Together, as a society, we are all facing the reality that we are about to reenter and reemerge into the “new normal”, post COVID-19. And, none of us, really, can grasp how this is going to impact us, our businesses and our communities.

Will we be reopening our physical location? Or will we stay online, shifting our business into a virtual space? Will we be able to recover from the financial losses, or will we need to seek another source of income?

All of these questions and more, are not yours alone, to grapple with. Although, each day, as your mind spins with all the uncertainty, you might feel extremely isolated, overwhelmed and alone.

As entrepreneurs, we are used to shouldering all of the responsibility, putting ourselves out on a limb, in order to create opportunities for others, our teams and our clients.

Yet, I want to remind you that you do not need to lead alone, and you definitely do not need to suffer alone. Your mental health and overall well-being are more important than ever. The world needs you and your innovation. And, guess what? You are surrounded by creative, passionate people who know exactly what you are going through. And, I am gathering us together to increase our collective resiliency.

Imagine what we can do alone from our own homes, yet together in connection with one another.

We can be #AloneTogether

What would it feel like to jump into a virtual support session, every week, with other entrepreneurs who know exactly what you are going through?


Having a safe space to show up exactly as you are

Being in a group where everyone understands the challenges of running their own business

Feeling validated by others who know exactly what you are going through

Having the permission to fall apart and talk about your fear

Learning to deepen self-awareness and mindfulness techniques

Applying the latest science in mental health and well-being

Experiencing a place of belonging

All for less than what you would have to pay for individual therapy or business coaching.

Enrollment is now open, to my newest group offering.

It’s called the #AloneTogether Support Group for Entrepreneurs, and it is designed to help you get the support and guidance you need while operating your business during a global pandemic.

You might be alone at home, yet we can still be creating and thriving together.

Ready for weekly support and encouragement? I will be holding space for a small intimate group of 6-8 people, so I encourage you to sign up for a 15 minute complimentary consultation and claim your spot.

This group is designed for those who have 2+ years entrepreneurial experience.

Next group begins January 2023, so book a consultation to learn more.

Here’s what a current member is saying…

I had one of the biggest breakthroughs I have had in many years, even though I do daily meditation, energy work and walk the spiritual path. I have had several sessions with Laura over the past month and I felt so safe and secure with super clear, spot on information coming through. She pinpointed something huge that I was able to shift and expand upon immediately. I love the balance of guidance Laura gives for self discovery and on so many levels. She has a beautiful and natural blend of Somatic Psychotherapy along with her innate healing gifts and vast entrepreneurial experience to pull from.

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