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The Multiplier Effect of Conscious Entrepreneurship

Often I am asked the question, “Why entrepreneurs?” Why do you focus on mental health in entrepreneurship?”

Well, there are many reasons, which I can expand on in later posts, but the drive behind my primary motivation is simply the transformational power of the multiplier effect.

The Multiplier Effect is a concept in economics that describes how an injection into an economy, such as an increase in government spending, creates a ripple effect on the output of goods and services in the economy.

Now, consider for a moment, how this concept can be applied in the economics of knowledge work, or intellectual property. If an injection of mental health support is made into an entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as emotional support, coaching and therapy for the founders, what type of ripple effect can that have on the output of goods, services and the larger ecosystem?

According to Dr. Michael Freeman, psychiatrist and entrepreneur researcher, “Mental health is as essential for knowledge work in the 21st century as physical health was for physical labor in the past."

Healthier, happy founders lead to healthier, more transformational societal change.

And, in fact, this isn’t just wishful thinking. There are a multitude of research studies that show the strong correlation between a leader's emotional intelligence and their effectiveness.

Layered on this quality, is also the tendency for founders to be driven by a desire to create change in the world, to dismantle the old and build the new and, in my opinion, usher in new consciousness around the way we collectively evolve as a society.

If we want a more compassionate, emotionally intelligent and connected world, shouldn’t we begin by equipping the leaders/founders/entrepreneurs with the mental health tools necessary for this evolution?

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I am on a mission to amplify this message, to raise awareness and normalize the prioritization of mental health in entrepreneurship.

I have compiled a list of comprehensive resources for founders, as a part of the #Tools4Founders Project. Founders can find programs, articles, podcasts and tips to support their mental health. My intention is that these resources serve as an injection of support for founders that will have a positive ripple effect throughout our society.

Close to my heart is the belief that together we can end the stigma surrounding entrepreneurial mental health and see the day when mental health is accessible to every founder.

Please join and multiply the movement but sharing your favorite resources and using the hashtag #Tools4Founders and #MHAM the entire month of May and download graphics and images to share across your social media channels.

Have a resource to share? Please submit yours to be added the the #Tools4Founders Project

The #Tools4Founders campaign is sponsored by Women Who Cowork and is gfiting 30 days of founder support for womxn and nonbinary founders of the coworking movement for entire month of May. Coworking founders can sign up at this link.

Founders can explore what mental health support would like with me in a free fifteen minute consult.

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